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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus

Happy Saint Nicholas Day.
Last Sunday Msgr. Shreve gave an interesting Homily which touched on the life of St. Nicholas. He does an excellent job of tying in the history of Catholic beliefs to our present day understanding. He sparked my interest in the connection between St. Nicholas and Santa Claus. So I went searching on the Internet and found a website dedicated to St. Nicholas. There are two sections that provided me with the information I was looking for. "Who is St. Nicholas?” and the “Saint Nicholas and the Origin of Santa.”
“Catholic Online” also had information which supported my research.
My Catholic upbringing did not include St. Nicholas. I became aware of him through church but I never celebrated his day nor took the time to explain him to our sons. Sometimes it takes me awhile to get focused on the important things. Fortunately God is patient and forgiving.  
Please don’t wait as long as I did and read about St. Nicholas.

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