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Monday, December 12, 2011

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Today is the feast-day of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The celebration based on the story of Juan Diego, a peasant farmer of Mexico. On December 9, 1531 Mary appeared to him causing a tremendous affect with the Christian religion in the Americas. But it wasn't until 2002 that Pope John Paul II added December 12 to the "General Calendar of the Roman Rite." It was added as an “optional memorial, the liturgical celebration” of Our Lady of Guadalupe. 

Read more about this day at Catholic Online. 
Last night Dee, her Mom and I attended a Christmas production, “Festival of Lights,” at the New Bridge Baptist Church in Sandston, Virginia. I am pleased that the church family there is no different from being with our church family. We all share the same belief in Jesus.
My favorite moment of the evening was the rendition of Mary talking to baby Jesus. She then sang "Mary's Song.” The words both spoken and sung provided an insight how Mary embraced her gift. She was a young mother talking to her baby as any mother would. But, still in awe that she was the one God chose.
I am sure that God was involved in the selection of the young woman, Katelyn, who portrayed Mary. Her facial expression and soft clear voice transported me back to the stable over 2000 years ago. I felt that I was one of the shepherds sitting and listening to her as she spoke and sang to baby Jesus. That moment touched my heart and enriched my faith.
Tonight we attend Mass at Church of the Epiphany, to continue our celebration of Mary. Christmas is only a couple of weeks away. We light the candles of our Advent wreath each Sunday and read our devotionals for that day. Our hearts are open and our faith is strong as we wait for His arrival.

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