"Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset." Saint Francis De Sales

Friday, November 18, 2011

My Slow Takes (vol. 25)

1. Please add Cathy and Victor in your prayers. They have just retired from their positions of Chairs and committee members for our local Cursillo family. Both are dealing with some health issues that prevent from continuing their ministry. Victor has checked in to the hospital for some tests. 

2. Sunday we celebrated Father Jim's 30th year as a priest. There was a small reception at the end of each Mass with a lager one after 11:15 Mass. Dee and I attended the later Mass and brought two of our grand daughters with us. 

Members of St. Therese, his last parish, came to the celebration and presented him a plaque with the picture of the church and signatures from all the parishioners. It was a tribute to his love for them and theirs for him.

As always Father Jim's Homily was beautiful. One of his comments was that many people like to ask when did he decide to become a priest. His answer was "today." If we can say that today we like what we are doing, then we are where we are suppose to be.

He also said that when in middle school he went to his father and told him he wanted to be a priest. His father's comment was, "you don't even sing in church." Today Father Jim sings.

3. Pastor Tuck has a reflective musing entitled, "The Problem with Thanksgiving." It is worth reading.

4. Chris Woodyard has an article in USA Today, 11-23-11, about Dynacorn. See a related article here. The company is making 1965--66 Ford Mustang bodies which will be available for about $15,000 each. Then you need to acquire the engine, wheels and tires, steering wheel, instruments, etc. Final cost could be $60,000 or more. It's a "build it yourself" car for those who enjoy vintage cars.

I owned a 1968 Mustang, 3-speed hard top with the 289 v8 engine. I loved it, but paid about $2200. When I met my wife she also had one but hers was an automatic. The Mustangs are gone but we are still together.

5. Please take the time to read Steve Givens, "Onlookers and faces in the crowd."  
It is beautiful and brought me closer to the last day of Jesus.

6. We went to see the new "Muppets" movie this morning, It was more enjoyable for the adults than the children. We, the adults, were reminiscing from the old "Muppets" television shows. I enjoyed the movie and suggest that y'all go see it. It is a great family movie.

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