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Sunday, September 4, 2011

OBX Septemer 2011 The Arrival

Pam, Tony, Brenda, Lou, Dee and I arrived at the Morris Farm Market in the early afternoon. This is one of those "gathering points" that we use when heading for the beach. We picked up fruit and vegetables and wandered around stopping at most of the sampling areas. My favorite spot is the home made ice cream that is churned by an old John Deere tractor. Dee had pumpkin and I had chocolate.

We met up with Susan and Roger at Awful Arthur's and then headed to the rental house. 

The house is one that the "beach group" has been renting for a long time. This is our first visit and Dee and I are blessed that we were included. The first evening was relaxing and we managed to do a walk on the beach. Dee took the pictures shown below with the exception of the one of her and I. Tony took that one. The view of the house is from the back.

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