"Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset." Saint Francis De Sales

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An Angel Story

My sore throat changed on Friday night. I woke up with a chill and figured it was from sleeping without the sheet covering me. So I covered myself and put on a shirt. 

It didn't help. I pulled the comforter over me and still could not get warm. Dee came into the room and asked if I was okay.

"I'm cold and can't get warm." This is not a good way to spend my vacation, but I know she will take care of me.

She felt my forehead and asked if I had brought the Ibuprofen. I didn't, so she went downstairs and got some Tylenol from my sister. Then she covered me with another comforter and I was able to sleep.

I finally get to sleep, but sometime later I awake. There is an angel sitting at the edge of the bed. He is dressed in white slacks with a tailored long sleeve shirt that is also white. There are no wings but there is an aura around him that is soft and pleasant to the eyes.     

"Paul it's time." His voice reminds me of the country singer Randy Travis. 

"What? What do you mean it's time. I'm cold and have a fever. Maybe a little delirious because I'm talking to an angel. But I'm not dying."

The angel looks at me and smiles. His face is compassionate and he takes in a slow breath. "Paul, it's time. Just take my hand and we''ll be on our way."

"But I'm not ready! I mean my retirement is coming up. I'm only 64. I want to travel with my wife, enjoy my family and friends. I'll finally have time to enjoy my hobbies. Do you know how many figures I haven't painted? Do you know I'm still trying to write stories? I have these plans I'm putting together to enjoy my retirement life... plans to paint, plans to write, plans to learn new things ... plans to ... plans to 

Oh great, they're my plans ...

They're not His plans. 

Can we work out something? Maybe give me a few more years? Say ten or fifteen or even twenty?"

"Paul, God doesn't work that way. He has watched you work and become stronger in your faith. He loves you and now it's time for you to join Him." 

"Hrmph ...... this is not what I expected. Please understand that I do want to be with Him, just not now. Is there anything that can be done to change His mind?"

"No Paul there isn't." The angel then reached over and gently put his hand on my shoulder.

As he touched me, my eyes opened and there was Dee with her hand on my shoulder. "Are you alright? It looks like the fever broke. You shirt is wet and you have kicked off all the comforters."

"Yes, I'm fine. Thank you for taking care of me. I love you."

"I love you too. Are you sure you're okay?" She checked my forehead again to confirm I was over the fever. 

Whoa, that was an interesting dream. Hopefully it wasn't some sort of foreshadowing. I would like to believe that it was just my imagination running pell-mell through my mind. Sometimes I get a specific thought stuck in my head and it follows me into my dreams. Maybe that's what happened. Anyway, I'm still here and getting better.


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